AI LLM Coding 

Are there any of these "coding assistants" that are CLI based instead of part of an IDE?

I think the main thing holding me back from trying them out right now is that my CLI is my IDE and I run scripts fore everything that I can't do in Nano.

I'd really like to avoid having to install an entire IDE with yet another chromium backend just to get some fancy code autocomplete. 😅

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AI LLM Coding 

@mauve you can run llama models with llama.cpp that way but i don't use it for this

AI LLM Coding 

@icedquinn Yeah, I've heard mixed reviews about LLAMA. A friend of mine tried out the 7B model and it wasn't very good at performing tasks. I don't know if they tried to do coding with it though. 🤔

Getting a beefy rig to run these models is on my TODO list though. I was hoping someone out there just did the hard work of wiring stuff together already so I can focus more on my TODO list instead of adding to it. :P

AI LLM Coding 

@mauve @icedquinn I think ChatGTP offers a ChatAPI version.

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