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Thread of stuff I wanna buy. Will "like" my own toot if I get it.

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I'm gonna use this yhread as a way to keep track of links to read and like my own posts when I get around to them.

@pikhq "intellectual property" is a scam invented by the wealthy so they can try to own ideas,. Thoughts! As if owning everything in the physical world isn't enough!


Neat! I'm considering deploying a instance to start mirroring some of my Github repos with a longer term goal of having all my git/code stuff on the fediverse as @forgefed gets implemented in more contexts.

Seeking #developer #advice ❤️ 🤔

We want to create a webby GUI app for accessing federated forge network, a bit like Element is to Matrix 🖥️

Been considering to write from scratch using Tauri, Tailwind, didn't pick a language :git:

Now considering to fork #GitHub Desktop instead! Replace GitHub API with ForgeFed and tweak the UI etc. :github:

It's an existing codebase with over 33k commits

Is it a good idea to fork? Thoughts/concerns/advice? And boost 🙏


I'm not worried about the AI apocalypse. I'm worried about the "VCs subsidize AI tech and sell it at a loss just long enough to make everyone rely on them (aka 'disrupting the knowledge worker industry') before bumping the price up and quality down just like Uber and Amazon and the rest" apocalypse. #ai #vc

Internet Archive lost their lawsuit, which makes sense. I just hope the rest of what they do survives okay.

AI LLM Coding 

Are there any of these "coding assistants" that are CLI based instead of part of an IDE?

I think the main thing holding me back from trying them out right now is that my CLI is my IDE and I run scripts fore everything that I can't do in Nano.

I'd really like to avoid having to install an entire IDE with yet another chromium backend just to get some fancy code autocomplete. 😅

anti homeless architecture under capitalism


anti homeless architecture under socialism

Tis that time of the month when grant deadlines are coming up and I need to scramble to keep up. :)

They don't stop comin'!

i don't want to monetize my hobbies i want money to not exist

> Set up a new VM
> `ufw enable`
> "Are you sure, this might bust your SSH sessions"
> yeah sure fine
> Realize I forgot to enable the SSH rule
> No recovery account

Good thing I didn't load it up with any services yet. :P My reward is to have to rebuild the machine from a base image and delete the SSH key from known_hosts.

Writing some ansible scripts to automate spinning these guys up. (this is for

@mauve There's a lot of alternatives. Some that come to mind are Yandex (, Brave search (, and Searx (instances at

So where should I be going for search if not DuckDuckGo? (defs not Google or regular Bing either).

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@nhamiel This sounds like a fun Blue Team task too - leaving prompt injections on our attack surface and some internals in case someone points an adversarial LLM at us one day.

Is it just me or have search results been getting worse lately too? It feels like the top results are having way more ads and SEO garbage in them and don't get to the point as much.

After some time I’ve found a way to upcycle Chromebooks to run the latest version of Ubuntu and boot to an external USB drive while maintaining the ChromeOS. The WiFi chips in these models also can create their own wifi networks so they can be short range routers.
What does this actually mean? Instead of requiring new hardware like a raspberry pi, we can take old Chromebooks that schools get rid of in the thousands and actually reuse them to create portable micro servers. Pack them full of offline books, maps, wikis, etc.
There is a major upside compared to using an old Chromebook over a raspberry pi, mainly that it's actually cheaper and can be free depending on how you source your chromebooks. I got 10 at $30 each which is cheaper than a pi or a pi alternative.

The battery life is also insane. I used it for close to 12 hours and it didn't even hit 50% battery loss. They also take very little time to charge so I'm interested to see how much power they might take up while attached to the off grid solar array.

So the plan is to make the docs and work some more on making these into portable offgrid information stations and packing them with info.
#solarpunk #permacomputing

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