Neat! I'm considering deploying a instance to start mirroring some of my Github repos with a longer term goal of having all my git/code stuff on the fediverse as @forgefed gets implemented in more contexts.

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@mauve I'm excited to hear :) Wrt the platform, note that Vervis is very very pre-alpha, so I'd suggest using @forgejo (which is implementing federation and is much more stable and usable, being a Gitea fork)

I do intend to get Vervis to a usable level, it's just still too early to be sure whether it's gonna succeed :P

@pere @forgejo Sweeet. Thank you for the heads up. Federated code collab is one of the things I'm most excited by in tech right now. Maybe once the stuff stabilizes a bit we could chat about deploying some of this stuff to mesh networks?

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