Published a blog about the new Social Inbox tool we've made at which makes it easy to add to your static websites.

@mauve Great work! I too wanted a simple #ActivityPub implementation written in typescript for my artwork website.

What I find most frustrating right now is that there's no single node / deno / bun agnostic server that's easily "pluginable".

Your index file is a executable

I do wish we had a javascript runtime-independent pluginable server. Like wordpress plugins, instagram-like gallery, microblog, blog, newsletter, even ecommerce all plugins.


@thomasreggi Yeah it's rough that the most "standard" js is for talking to external services rather than adding extra ones the way people do with Apache and the such. I guess one could plug node into a CGI script though :P

Personally I'm aiming to reduce the use of webservers in the first place and to rely more on static site publishing and client side rendering.

@mauve I do feel pretty jaded with servers too and static hosting just feels so good. I just kinda think that databases and dynamism is key for real-world apps, queries and stuff like that.

I did just go down a "Ranger Mauve" rabbit hole and watched your youtube videos 😜. I've been thinking alot about worker-owned cooperatives and "ethical software hosting". P2P could be a way out of all of that, really exciting stuff. Really like the android-device-mesh idea and Agregore in general 💜💚.

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