Published a blog about the new Social Inbox tool we've made at which makes it easy to add to your static websites.

@mauve Really cool idea!

Quick question on branch hygiene. From looking at the pull requests, it seems as though various feature branches have been hanging around in the repo after getting merged into initial.

However, nothing has yet landed on main (the default). Is that just a way of telling outsiders this isn't ready to look at yet?


@pevohr Ah! We're putting in some last minute changes that might be breaking apis but I'm hoping to tag 1.0 within a week or two. Main thing right now is indexing replies so you can pull them into your post metadata.

It should be *mostly* stable :P

@mauve Nice! It's not that hard to figure out what's going on if you happen to click the branches link:

But if you don't, anyone new to the project winds up on the "main" branch (default) + thinks nothing has happened since July because all the active work is being done on the (non-default) "initial" branch.

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