Jeeze. I wish there was a tool or service out there to publish apps to all the major package managers. I really dread having to learn like six package manager systems and create scripts to convert my app to them in order for users to be able to load it. 😭

The hardest problem in computer science is getting any of your dependencies to compile cross platform. The second hardest is app distribution across said platforms. 😜


BTW, if anyone is looking for a to get @agregore published across some of the major platforms, I'd love to chat.

Ideally you'll have published an Electron app to either Windows/Mac OS/Ubuntu/AUR.

Boosts appreciated.

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@mauve @agregore A little off topic here, sorry.
But will Aggregore still support hypercore even with the archive of Beaker Project?

@lumen @agregore Yup! I'm actually working on updating the `hyper://` protocol handlers to the latest holepunch versions of the stack in the next week or two. 😁

A bunch of the work on Agregore is intertwined with and @compost via the Hypha worker coop. They're doing publishing, and Agregore is doing viewing. Hyper is part of the protocols we're supporting on both ends.

@mauve @agregore @compost

That's awesome news! This made my day. Thanks for the and answer.
And that's why you are one of my favorite people in the world!

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