Agregore 2.2.0 just got released with improvements to load times and our extension system.

You can check out @mauve doing a live toot of their debugging here:

Hey folks! The 2.0.0 release of has been tagged and compiled! This features fixes for , an upgraded -Protocol, and better support for when loading it from protocols. This also involves an upgrade of Electron to 23 and an overhaul to using ESM for the back ends.

Download it and check it out for yourself!

My brain is kinda exhausted from first wrestling with Linux and Ansible automation, and then wrestling with JavaScript type hell in trying to get some p2p libraries to work.

Gonna decompress before bed by live-coding a lil in with some basic and

So if you haven't yet, try installing the latest pre-release of Agregore and follow along.

Just published this talk about my vision for Holistic Local-First Sofrware and the parts that can be brought together to make it real.

For any users interested in / tech, the latest prerelease version of has some fixes that make it more stable with M1/M2 macs along with general upgrades.

By the way, we've got new docs up on how to use the protocol handlers in which you can check out here:

All you need to get started is to install Agregore and open up the Dev Tools.

Hey folks! We've published our announcement blog post for the devgrant we've started to work on to add some tutorials and example apps to the Agregore website. You can read more about it here:


Wrote up my blog post on databases on top of / Prolly Trees. Hoping to switch up how databases are approached with a focus on performance and the ability to combine datasets determenistically.

Also, it's likely we'll also be moving to Iroh from Kubo eventually since Rust is easier to integrate with Chromium. 😁

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Sounds like the folks at @capyloon are starting to work on the writable protocol handlers in the new Rust implementation of IPFS.

This will lead to apps being portable between our environments!

Hello World! is now on the fediverse. 🎉

Check out our releases page and recorded videos.

We're gonna have a bunch of documentation out in the next month or two to make it easier to get started.


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