Low key want to make an SSH over HTTP request thing.

Like, you open up an HTTP request and the server registers a TTY for it, then you keep the connection open and send data between the two ends.

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@mauve Sounds like the perfect use case for websocket or even grpc!

@nilix I think ssh over websocket is actually pretty common already. :o IMO that adds way more overhead than is strictly necessary, though. I think one could potentially get a shell working with cURL in bash with plain HTTP with the approach I have in mind. :P

@mauve nice, I'd be interested to see what kind of implementation you roll up!

@mauve Related:

That's what I use for the local "Terminal" app in @capyloon ( This goes over websocket, and it's on my todo list to add support for ssh connections.

@fabrice @capyloon That's super handy! I've actually been thinking of doing something similar in Agregore :o

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