generally skeptical of reputation systems aka reddit-style moderation, but i don’t really know how to articulate my critiques 🤔

shared annotated moderation actions? sure. losing social credits when i fav that post you thought was cringe? skeptical.

reputation is a natural part of social systems but i feel that *encoding it numerically* is a kind of trap

i think in general i feel that software developers are not meaningful innovators, or rather, i do not trust them to come up with a reliable encoding for a system (reputation) that whole disciplines have studiously avoided encoding because of its fluidity and relativity. so when a dev says to me, "we don't need more mods, we just need TrustPoints (TM)" i get very skeptical

@mauve @garbados imo this is what happens when uni becomes impossibly expensive and professionals with real influence on the world go out there and do stuff without studying anything related to humanities or history.

@cuaxolotl @garbados I think a pivotal point in me understanding systemic injustice and how tech+science can be blind to it was reading Seeing Like A State. It's a really good read IMO.

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