Just published this talk about my vision for Holistic Local-First Sofrware and the parts that can be brought together to make it real.

@mauve Great talk! Love the vision and scope for interconnected local first communities.

@ryanramage Thanks, I honestly think it wouldn't take much for us to make some cool new approaches to technology from the bottom up without having to reinvent everything from first principles.

@cblgh @mauve awesome, I am digging the combination of p2p with ease of use!

@mauve Nice talk! I'll need to have a closer look at #Agregore I think :-). Any chance you happen to be in Europe in May? We have a small event then with developers on #meshnetwork-s and wireless community network activists at the @battlemesh. I could imagine people there would be very interested to hear more on #Agregore and #dweb in general.

@T_X @battlemesh Ooo! I think I heard about this. I'd love to attend but I'm not sure if I'd afford it out of pocket. Travelling from Canada can be a bit pricy since I need several connecting flights. 😅

@mauve @T_X depending on sponsorships and stuff it might be possible to pay some of your travel costs. If money is the main reason you can't/won't attend.

@battlemesh @T_X Yeah, I'll try seeing how much it will be and whether I can couch surf with somebody. It might not be too bad. Defs excited at the prospect of working with mesh folks. 💜

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