A nightmare woke me up a couple hours early today so I decompressed by getting to run inside node.js via Neon bindings to Rust.

Potentially this could lead to some easy to use node APIs?

@mauve just curious, what kind of services are you running on top of veilid at this point?

@skryking Nothing yet but one of my clients is going to be doing secure decentralized storage for activist use cases. I'm hoping to integrate it with @agregore as a sort of "hidden services" protocol where you connect a local http server to a veilid tunnel and can load `http+veilid://{tunnel id}/` in Agregore to access it from anywhere. Unsure when I'll get around to releasing it yet. :P

@mauve I thought it might be interesting to run some sort of mqtt broker on top, but haven't looked closely enough to see if it would be useful or not. I keep getting distracted.

@skryking Yeah that's a cool idea. I wonder if it'd be able to run efficiently on IoT devices. I think a cli tool that can tunnel anything over tcp could be cool. Kinda like the wormhole stuff built on top of hyperswarm

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