Thread of stuff I wanna buy. Will "like" my own toot if I get it.

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1. BOOX Mira USB-C display. I have a little Boox e-reader and have been liking it for reading manga on the go. I'm currently using an LCD USB-C monitor so the form factor works great. I think this would be useful for improving battery usage + working outside.

2. Nreal Air display. I tried a shittier version of this in the past (Mad Gaze) and it was almost good enough for typical use. I think this thing will be a good companion for when I'm on the plane and want to do some productivity stuff or maybe walking around. Might also be useful once there are drivers for this thing and I can use @stardustxr with it.

3. Probably instead of the Nreal Air I'll get the since the app is installable in Canada and I like the look more. :P

Also seems about as compatible with my Steam Deck.

@stardustxr TBH I don't think I need it for my main use cases right now. I thinm 3dof for viewing a static "sphere" around my head will suffice for mobile use cases.

I think for 6dof I'd want to use either VR or a passthrough AR thing like the Lynx

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