This audio book trained TTS gets some sort of brain spasm when it encounters characters or words it can't easily pronounce. Feels like they should have trained it on IPA instead of regular token streams.

Here's what happened when I tried to get it to say a few tongue twisters ripped from wikipedia. It sounds drunk or like it's language center is being put through a blender.

OwO What's this? A new way to read through posts on the fediverse?

Come chat with us about it at the

My setup. 🥰 It feels more dense but it's way easier to hold in one hand than a steam deck. Also bought the GSM module so hopefully I can get a data sim into it >:)

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It's super janky so far but here's the code:

Gonna add "command history" and opening multiple windows.

Also gonna wire up the agregore theme API to it for customization. :P

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I gave myself the gift of an improved controller layout.

now I should be able to navigate more efficiently as well as have some bindings that I didn't have enough buttons for before.

now I just need to train the new muscle memory.

Hah, I love how this diagram turned out but it sucks that there's no easier way to make it screen reader friendly.

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this is fine meme with disturbing imagery 

Honestly KC Green is my favorite webcomic artist. I think he portrays the dread and despair really well in addition to his goofy jokes.

I wish he got more respect and recognition for his work.

Gonna audibly yell "ho ho ho you've been naughty" when I attack raiders.

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Also I'm glad I fixed up the renderer extension in finally.

Now I can just click around links to navigate linked data right from my browser.

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My pal BeanBoy put together a theme builder for @agregore and I tried cranking out a groady theme using it.

What's cool is that once you save the `.agregorerc` file to your home folder and restart, it'll get applied to all websites that import agregore://theme/style.css` for their default styling. For example: The website!

Neat! Gonna give it a shot now that it's charged. Hopefully I can actually code with this thing.

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Newly decorated gecko terrarium! The plants in the back left and along the bottom of the cactus skeleton are real.

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I'm honestly so happy I sat down and made this car2dot library. It's made it so much easier to debug stuff.

I got this little keyboard from my computer so that I can sit cross legged and have my hands on my lap instead of having to reach up for my keyboard and mouse. I'm also using this to augment my speech to text set up. basically, I use my voice for most of my typing and then this thing for keyboard shortcuts and turning my speech recognition on and off.

This is what I want my computing setup to be like. A big mess of crunchy colorful graphics all around me.

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