So much has happened in my lawsuits against Apple over the last five months!

An incredible amount of new information came to light about my Apple office at the TRW #Superfund site & Apple's rogue secret silicon fab plant outside my living room, & how Apple retaliated against me about both, while Apple knew it was responsible for sickening & disabling me in 2020.

#Apple is evil, yo.

If you want to see the new bigger picture, I updated my mega-timeline:

zelda: tears of the kingdom minor item spoiler 

@tychi nice! I'm still pretty early in the game, just got a glider and startrd exploring,

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The Internet works just fine without your every move being tracked. It works just fine without ads. It works just fine without novelty TLDs. What I fear is younger folks actually believing that things HAVE to be this way. They don't. "But how will it scale?" It doesn't have to. "But how will you monetize it?" You can, but you don't HAVE to. Again: IT. WAS. NOT. LIKE. THiS. not too long ago. It was cool, and weird, and serendipitous, and raw, and ugly.

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zelda: tears of the kingdom minor item spoiler 

@tychi were they?

@kawaiipunk Oh awesome! Thanks for the link. Wasn't aware of this one. <3

I’m sure an apple headset will be very impressive, cost 6k, and if you try to make something for it they’ll deprecate the dev stack and replace it with something new with no backwards compatibility the day before you release. Also it will explode after three years.

Something I've been chewing on for a while.

Remember how instant messenger programs used to have "status"? You could specify if you were Available, Busy, AFK, or even mark yourself as Invisible (online, but appear as offline to others). Some even had a "Feeling Chatty" status!

I miss that, and I feel frustrated that tech companies took that away from us in order to create this illusion that everyone is "always online".

Something I really enjoyed about that era was how easy it was to see who was around, so we could strike up fairly real-time conversations. Now it feels like async is the expectation at all times, and it makes the internet feel, for me, lonelier.

I often just want to chat with a friend, but it's a total guess re: who is actually around, and it's not socially acceptable to just call someone up on the phone to chat any more, like in the 90s and 00s. 😮‍💨

@kawaiipunk There's Kiwi Browser if you want web extensions, but I think they hardcode allow lists for the major ad providers like Microsoft/Yahoo/Google.

Bromite has some built in ad blocking too which is nice.

Agregore-Mobile uses Bromite so it's nice to get to skip some of the ads that way.

VPN trick seems like a good one!

Hell yeah. Nothing better than arriving to a meeting and everyone realizing we don't need to have it today after all. 🥰

It's like a snow day for my social battery.

The most convincing evidence for the overall drop of quality on the internet isn't even remotely the content itself.
It's the functionality of the websites, and their interface in particular. "2021-12-15 16:12 UTC" became "1 year ago". Search by date became as coarse as "This week/This month/This year", which by themselves come with 50% error margins. Search by duration: "Short", "Medium", "Long". Search pictures by size: "Small", "Medium, "Large". Numbers are hard. Windows went from being a quagmire of preciseness to reinventing a tablet interface every 4 years, with Gnome trailing behind and users tied up in a line following. With such poor functionality, is it any wonder everything is becoming an uphill struggle.
With search engines becoming more and more useless, no surprises that it's easier to generate something than look for anything.

Wow, hosting a wireless access point with linux-wifi-hotspot is just so easy. I was fighting hostapd configs, and my problems were solved with just one command.

interesting fact: it has never been easier to access and support avant-garde and experimental art of all kinds from around the world

Looks like my shipped and should be here within a week or two. :O

i want a never-online video game. i want a game that folds its arms and impatiently taps its toes until i get off the fucking internet before playing it.

i think more games should stutter a bit sometimes. i like to know that the computer is thinking really hard about the game

@TheBierFrau It's a sign of our beautiful times that advertising ruined, and made near completely useless:

1. Answering telephone calls.
2. Voicemail
3. Text messages
4. E-Mail

Listening to this and writing a CLI for deduplicating content addressable chunking of web archives into IPFS.

To clarify, my primary device when on the go. Sadly my Steam Deck is still too cumbersome to use for listening to music in my car or whatnot. :P

Might also be a good reason to migrate more of my app usage to p2p web stuff with @agregore

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@shauna life finds a way! 😁 Nice to see VSCode is handling large files well. I remember that was a major reason I switched from it back in the day. Ty for sharing your flow.

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