@nonlinear One can also switch between options. Like the app for discovery and local for curated browsing

@nonlinear I hear dumping everything with scdl and using a regular media player can be convenient. :P


What you're refering to as the Torment Nexus, is in fact GNU/Torment Nexus, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Torment Nexus. The Torment Nexus is not a man-made horror beyond comprehension unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full eldritch abomination as defined by POSIX.

You heard #Adobe. Deep down you knew this was coming. Now all your art are belong to them. Time to move on to better things...

Kreative Suite
* Krita is your new design/painting app
* Kdenlive will give you video-editing powers
* glaxnimate adds 2D vector animations to you videos
* digiKam organises your collection images

* Inkscape - create sophisticated vector-graphic designs
* Scribus - layout like a pro
* GIMP - need we say more
* Blender - ditto


We're excited to share a preview of a Framework Laptop with a new CPU architecture today, and it's not the one you probably think it is. DeepComputing is creating the first partner-developed Mainboard, and it's powered by a RISC-V processor!

a mastodon.mauve.moe user walks into a bar. the bartender says Escape ship from centralized social media run by Mauve.

@GeeksLoveDetail I'm hoping to atill be more flesh than machine. The main limitation other than if it's possible so far is what the utility of any mods would even be. Like a brain chip for the sake of it isn't exciting for me yet.

I wish my CPU ran on ATP to make it easier to integrate as an implant. Batteries and electricity are so limiting.

@beka_valentine Yeah similarly semiotics seems to have a lot of "media/arts" people which also makes it have less of a focus on mathenatical or actionable models

Really wanna work into my daily carry. Maybe if I add some sort of sensor at home to talk to? Maybe a telegraph?

The 6th example I've seen of the same prompt injection attack against LLM chatbots: embracethered.com/blog/posts/2

The attack involves tricking an LLM chatbot with access to both private and untrusted data to embed a Markdown image with a URL to an attacker's server where that URL leaks private data extracted from the session.

We've now seen this same attack in ChatGPT itself, Google Bard, Writer.com, Amazon Q and Google NotebookLM (all now fixed, thankfully).

My collection: simonwillison.net/tags/markdow

Have you ever had an experience like, you're walking down the street, there's a piece of litter, and you kind of like, kick it by accident, your foot grazes it, and suddenly you feel a compulsion to pick it up and put it in a trash can? This is litter, it wasn't your problem, but then you accidentally touched it and it Became your problem, somehow the act of touching it tagged it as "yours" and now the superego says you're obligated to deal with it?

That's what open source contribution is like

If you see a new youTube channel with a plain sounding name like "NatureView" or "BrightScience" etc. and there is what looks like a tempting video on a specific education topic "Most Active Volcanoes" or "Incredible Carnivorous Plants"

There is a 50/50 chance it will be a generated voice with stock footage and a script written by GPT.

I am now avoiding videos if I don't recognize the creator, or don't see signs it was made by a person.

So much spam!

@neiman My latest changes aren't published yet. Did a pretty major rewrite. I'm thinking I'll make it "multi agent" by having specialized prompts with a top level "dispatcher" to decompose tasks for other agents to execute on.

@neiman I'm building a system on top of phi3-mini:instruct. github.com/RangerMauve/mind-go

Basically just connecting it to stuff like the clipboard and camera and hopefully a database + web scraper.

Not sure what to do with it yet practically speaking. Just basic text editing and transcribing to start ig.

The glasses-mounted camera I ordered came in. Just need to find time to wire it up to my ai this weekend.

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Escape ship from centralized social media run by Mauve.