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Thinking about how Mozilla is "pivoting to AI" but DeepSpeech, one of the very few "AI" products you could possibly find a positive use for (pure-local speech recognition), is not only a Mozilla product but so abandoned that you actually have to downgrade to Python 3.9 to run it

@makeworld a few things tbh.

1. Thinking about mobile first. A lot of protocols end up focusing on desktop to server or desktop to desktop and don't account for stuff like NAT or intermittant uptimes. There's also the fact that storage modules take mobile storage location needs out of the box. Socket supply's packet routing is a bit better for networking and I think the holepunch dht is better for handling churn.

Can't wait for loops to get released so I can ditch tiktok like I ditched twitter. Ads and algos give me too much psychic damage.

What if I run my matrix server as something behind a hidden server and just talk to postgres directly? I can skip pretending like I acre about anything other than the database. Http apis are just
in the way compared to raw SQL

I seriously think this is the missing piece for those "computer in your house" startups. I worked a bit with one in the past and I really wish they figured out the how. Veilid with a web browser frontend seems great. I guess provided the speed keeps up? I hope it's faster than tor or i2p. The mobile first approach is my fave part I think.

Socket Supply is another great contender. I wish it didn't need to have each app loaded as seperate native apps instead of instantly. It makes sense why tho

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For real though I'm so pumped about I can't shut up about it at work. I wanna set some time aside for running http services behind tunnels and to wire the front end to @agregore so I can make it easier for folks to self host services which they can access from anywhere

I am greatful to the QT/KDE and GTK ui duopoly for allowing me to run my apps without either shell. It feels so good to be rid kf the clutter taking up CPU and disk read times.

i think the only thing I need to figure out is Matrix as a systemd daemon I can connect with a TUI so I can have multiple windows open

I have been seeding so many "Linux ISOs" and "Big Buck Bunny.avi" (copyright friendly open source movie) that my regular internet speed has ground to a halt. I've got my up bandwidth *saturated* over here 😎

Honestly my online socialization skills have gotten weaker since I started prioritizing my offline self more.

my favorite is when you try to guess the help command and the utility says “that’s not a command I recognize, you fool. here’s the help listing, you pathetic lost soul”

The thibg I like most about tbe fediverse is its like forums but less structured. At least that's how I use it. 😅

I know I upgraded recently but my computing power feels so low compared to what folks use these days. Honestly I could probably cope with 8GB RAM even but having even 32 feels like such luxurious excess. It does mean a lot of chromium based react apps can siphon more resources tho. 😝

For real even a few GBs of VRAM extra would make some stuff so much easier. I hate that LLMs make me want a beefier computer.

If you hate Windows, simply switch to Linux so you can hate Linux instead

CS Researchers: Here're some programming languages mathematically proven to make the computer do exactly what you say.

Programmers: «create vast complexity that no one person could comprehend in order to render a web page»

Also Programmers: What if we made the programming language English, required that the compiler run on a monstrously huge array of GPUs, and set it up so it only did what we ask sometimes, and other times just do nonsense, but we don't know which is which?

Hacker News: Neat!

One thing I find sad is that a lot if folms treated VR as just another tech fad and ditched it for crypto when that became the fad. Now a bunch of the same folks are following AI. Especially sad when fad chading meant ditching code and community for the next best thing only to abandon it again. It feels like the fad chasing means the fad in question doesn't get a fair chance to actually accomplish it's potential.

When I talk about digital privacy, there is always some smug genius who shrugs and tells me, "Who cares? We all know we don't have any privacy anyway." Nothing could be more wrong. Convincing you that the fight is already over to the way people in power get you to stop resisting.

Slack is now using all content, including DMs, to train LLMs.

They offer a thing they're calling an "opt-out."

The opt-out (a) is only available to companies who are slack customers, not end users, and (b) doesn't actually opt-out.

When a company account holder tries to opt-out, Slack says their data will still be used to train LLMs, but the results won't be shared with other companies.

LOL no. That's not an opt-out. The way to opt-out is to stop using Slack.

Typescript is still the most annoying language I've worked with in the nine years I've written software. Not a long time perhaps but still consistently hair pulling.

Mozilla has released Thunderbird 127. I hope there will be a build and then we’ll see how many scripts break

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