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Algorithmic influence over people's minds is exactly why we should be trying to get our friends and family off of corpo social media and onto less sophisticated systems like the

If everyone stays on Facebook/Twitter/Tiktok/Instagram we'll have more and more people getting puppeted even harder than mass media has been already.

I generally have a lot of anxiety about "big" purchases (anything over 100 dollars TBH) so I end up deliberating whether it's worth it for literal months if not years before doing the purchase.

I think part of it too is that I have an aversion to having any unnecessary "stuff" in my life. Especially since my lack of object permanence means that once I put something away I'll literally forget it exists unless I have an explicit need for it.

It's expensive to be poor. It's ironic but true. You get charges and fees for everything. Higher interest rates. Overdraft fees. Late fees. Having only enough to buy what you need right now instead of buying in bulk. Losing your job because you can't afford to get your car fixed. Losing your car because you don't have a job. Even your mental faculties are drained, as you are forced to continually eat low-nutrition foods, "sleep" in miserable conditions, and be exposed to toxins and lack of medical treatment. The lack of liquidity wipes you out. Life really does kick you while you're down.

You can't tell someone trapped in that vicious cycle to "just" get a job or "just" make responsible decisions. Sometimes, no amount of good decision-making can stop the vortex sucking them down. So the next time you are tempted to place moral judgment on someone who lives in poverty, think twice.

Signed, someone who has been both a Have and a Have-Not.

2. Nreal Air display. I tried a shittier version of this in the past (Mad Gaze) and it was almost good enough for typical use. I think this thing will be a good companion for when I'm on the plane and want to do some productivity stuff or maybe walking around. Might also be useful once there are drivers for this thing and I can use @stardustxr with it.

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1. BOOX Mira USB-C display. I have a little Boox e-reader and have been liking it for reading manga on the go. I'm currently using an LCD USB-C monitor so the form factor works great. I think this would be useful for improving battery usage + working outside.

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Thread of stuff I wanna buy. Will "like" my own toot if I get it.

Want to spend a week in the California redwoods to meet others and share tactics on building a better, more decentralized, cooperative, and interoperable web?

Register now for DWeb Camp >>>

Feeling generally pretty good about my life trajectory these days.

Work stuff seems to be getting more realized and stable.

Finding more of a work/life balance in general.

Working on building up my meatspace relationships more.

The springtime breeze is helping. (If only the snow would melt soon too!)

Catch me using the `Blob` API along with the `ReadableStream` API accross all my projects. 🥰

Really happy that I can start using primitives that aren't scoped to just Node.js.

Finally, a tech development is targeting the managerial class instead of the workers for replacement.

How insufferable would it be for me to use thou/thine pronouns for people instead of you/your?

Finally, I will look into taking a small screenshot or something with the contents so that it may be displayed while the initial load is happening.
And what's more, I can block the initial load until you actively focus the window for the first time.

That way we can save on CPU and you can still navigate to whatever "tab" you had opened previously and it'll still have the right title/url/location displayed in the window in your desktop window manager

First thing I'll do to improve this is to have the URL that was used to "last load the page" saved as a var, and to use that to save to the crash/shutdown file.

This property will only get updated upon a successful load.

Now when I load without internet, I can avoid losing URLs.

Next would be to save the title and pre-supply it to the window title before the data even loads for easier navigation in the window manager.

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So I generally have like a dozen windows open at a time and this means that on initial load all the loading traffic is noisy and causes me to take way too much CPU time when I load.

One other thing, if I lose network connectivity when I do the initial load, the "onload" will not fire and I will lose the URL in the logic which saves the URLs upon browser close (and periodically for crash recovery)

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This is absolutely informed by my desire to bring up information sources from as many places as I can without having extra UI "cruft" and the fact that I have a "ultrawide" monitor which is my daily use.

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So, Agregore is super weird from other browsers in that it doesn't use tabs and relies exclusively on your OS's window manager for managing them.

A side effect of this is that having a bunch of tabs open feels like more physical clutter and means that you'll likely close them more or might arrange them spatially on your desktop.

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Alright. I'm going to do a bit of coding for fun and maybe improve load times in Agregore further.


Are there really no universal IR remotes that are also Bluetooth keyboards (even partial ones)? Am I going to have to do everything myself?

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